Caixões Separados – Illustration for the Portuguese TV show Literatura Aqui
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A short story written by Paulo Kellerman called Caixões Separados (Separated Coffins). The story is about a couple who’s relationship isn’t at its best. They talk with each other of the many years they’ve been together draining the love until they are strangers again.
Last year, the producers at Até ao Fim do Mundo invited me to illustrate it, but having the whole process filmed. So for about two hours, I had a small crew filming me, in my studio, going from sketch to final inks, to be broadcasted on Portugal’s National TV channel, RTP 2, on the TV show called Literatura Aqui.

To see the clip go to this link and at 21 minutes in, my part starts. It is in Portuguese, but you can see me drawing, a bit of my process and materials, and how I did it.

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