Revisiting Nemo
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I’ve always been fascinated with the character of Captain Nemo, from Jules Verne’s classic “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” So, in 2014, when I started doing a semi-regular daily sketch series of favorite literary characters, he was obviously going to be one of the first.

At the time, I sketched a pretty rough, vaguely Rasputin-y figure with his hands behind his back, with his wide-set eyes staring straight at the viewer. While that initial drawing itself was not very good, I knew there was something there I liked. I have now revisited that initial sketch and redrawn it at least four times. Below is my most recent attempt (along with the major stages that preceded it), and while it’s still not quite the image I have stuck in my head, it’s by far the closest I’ve gotten so far.

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