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Among the plethora of podcasts on the internet, there is a wondrous adventure unfolding at, available on iTunes and Google Play as well!
I am writing the storyline, designing the advertising for social media, and doing the character design illustrations. Here are a couple of my characters.

The first one is Petul, the owner of the Torpor Chop Shop, a butchery/animal bone supplier for the city’s necromantic uses. The next one is Adrestri Virago, an orcish bard and member of the Merry Men of Brindlebrook Forest. Third we have Sevis the Goblin, a joyous neanderthal who has a crush on one of our main characters, Ricken. Last is the Leader of the Merry Men, Teryn, a lively fellow with a good heart.

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Marc is an extremely talented artist. After just one brief meeting to discuss what I was looking for he was able to get to work right away and deliver on-point and on-brand artwork. He pays attention to detail which is very important when working on deadline. While he was working he even sent over a rough draft so we could talk about the direction the work was headed in order to make sure we would be happy with the final pieces.Everyone who saw, and has seen, the work he did for us has complemented it and raved about it. We can't wait to continue working with Marc in the future!
— Liz Pryor, Two Tides Brewing Company