Champions of Hara: Comic and Board Game Kickstarter
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I recently finished work on a bunch of work for a property called Champions of Hara, a funk-fantasy adventure board game and series of comic shorts. So far there are two short chapters, each focusing on one of the playable characters in the game. Both the game and the comics are set in a fantasy/sci fi realm where beings from all over space and time are summoned to help contain the unstable energy that the world of Hara creates.

Chapter 1 focuses on the only human character, Thomas Evening, an engineering prodigy from Victorian London who is pulled into Hara for his dangerous intellect.

Chapter 2 focuses on Kaoru, an outcast from a primitive world, and his conjured companion, Kuma. Though naturally talented with Hara’s magic, Kaoru’s adventures are haunted by his troubled past.

The Champions of Hara board game just launched a new Kickstarter this past Tuesday, August 29th, and these chapters are part of the launch campaign. I was absolutely stunned when the game’s Kickstarter surpassed its $20,000.00 goal in under 24 hours! I’ve been involved with it since 2014 as the artist for the comic shorts as well as a character designer and card artist so seeing this amount of support for the property is always humbling and exciting.

Some of the illustrations as well as a process video I’ve done are attached here. You can view all the comics pages and illustrations I’ve done for them here on my Hire an Illustrator profile or on my website!

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