Faun Herald – Art & Video Process
Posted 2 years ago and submitted by Mike Nash | Share link: http://illo.cc/72136

I had an itch to create some personal work which focused on character design. From the outset I knew I wanted to film the process too, and make something that could be fun and useful to others.

The result is a timelapse video revealing the digital creation process of my latest artwork ‘Faun Herald’. The HD format ensures you won’t miss a single detail.

A short teaser trailer is attached to this post, but you can find the full video on my website, which also includes the Photoshop brushes used, plus a hi-res version of the finished artwork.


Mike Nash
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Hi there, my name is Mike, a digital Illustrator from the UK; I create artworks within the fantasy and sci-fi genre. My visual style captures a believable fantasy, full of detail, … Show more.

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Mike is professional, constructive and illuminating. He incorporates feedback, moreover, making artful choices which elevates the image further, to a level I unimagined. This collaborative spirit makes working with him wholly satisfying.
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