Things That Go Bump in the Night – Halloween Illustration
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With Halloween fast approaching, it seemed apt to share my most spooky illustration. It’s called Things That Go Bump in the Night and tells the story of a girl (in fabulous shoes!) who is walking home in the dark and imagines her surroundings to be much more scary than they are. The clouds become wolves and the bare trees are full of evil eyes watching her. It’s not so spooky really, there’s lots of friendly looking owls in this wood! It’s available as a Halloween card and print in my Etsy shop.

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We really loved working with Vicky. We noticed her artwork immediatley when trying to decide on an artist, because unlike a lot of retro artwork out there hers had a very natural and playful feel to it. Vicky took our feedback on-board, stayed enthusiastic and delivered more than we were expecting. We couldn’t have asked for more and we’re very happy to have her artwork featured in our #TileArt gallery.
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