Hunter In The Woods
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This is a scene from a story idea I had from almost 10 years ago. Here is the part of the story that is represented in the illustration:

“As he made his way slowly among the trees, like dark sentinels standing guard, something changed. The cool clean air had something else in it. It seemed familiar but he could not quite remember what it was. It was a warm sweet scent and then he remembered. Human! There was a person somewhere near by. He remembered the last time he encountered a person. A boy from the nearest town had wandered into the woods many summers ago. He was lost and the wolf found him easy prey. The wolf stuffed himself full that day. It was a rare meat that he occasionally longed for and now there was another.”

Inked on the iPad Pro in Procreate app using Eric Merced’s inking brushes (Bleedy Brush Pen).

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