What Stares Back for Light Grey Art Lab gallery show – Swarm
Posted 1 month ago and submitted by Jeszika Le Vye | Share link: http://illo.cc/72560

I was so excited to be invited to create a painting for the Light Grey Art Lab show – ‘Swarm‘! The show opened a couple of nights ago with so many amazing pieces of art. I’m so happy with how this piece came out and am honored to be part of such a great show.

“What Stares Back” – Things constantly move in the darkness, where there are no witnesses to the strange lives that flicker in and out of nothingness. And briefly, sometimes, some of those lives become luminous – for an instant flashing like beacons upon us, and we freeze, like a deer before a collision, as the darkness stares back at us.

Jeszika Le Vye
Pittston, USA
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I’m an Imaginative Realist painter, who loves bringing to life visions of fantastical stories. For me, being an Imaginative Realist painter allows me to combine my love of cl… Show more.

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