Podcast Poster for Deep Night with Dale Seever
Posted 1 week ago and submitted by Candice Broersma | Share link: http://illo.cc/72834

In my most recent iteration of podcast host Dale Seever, I was called upon to render a scene involving portals, a pigeon, and a galactic backdrop. The poster advertises Seever’s November 15 live show with guests Lola Kirke, Kiley Lotz, Wanjiko Eke, and Sarah Lazarus. With the exaggerated body posture and dynamic lighting, I hope to capture the comedy and drama of this unique talk show!

Candice Broersma
Fairfield, USA

Candice Broersma is a freelance illustrator specializing in fantastical subject matter. She earned Bachelors in Art and Music at the University of Redlands where she was highly inv… Show more.

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