Ace of Wands
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A while back (as in a very long time ago) I decided that I wanted to make a Tarot deck, one that’s different from most of the other decks and that depicts my own interpretations. I always felt like I wasn’t “ready” and that my art wasn’t “good enough” yet. Now, this year isn’t even three months old, but I have already learnt a lot. Not only did my workflow get better, I also am way more confident. It used to take me so long to finish any artwork because I felt a bit scared of doing so. I know that in a couple of months time I will have learnt yet more things about painting and will probably make better art, but that shouldn’t hold me back from working on projects I’m so passionate about! So, that’s why I started with this first card in my Tarot deck. Finally.

Lorena Lammer
Northeim, Germany

I am a full time freelance illustrator currently based in Germany. I love working traditionally with ink, markers and colored pencils but specialize in digital Illustrations. Next … Show more.

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