Breaking Point: Gallery show in Cleveland, OH
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Breaking Point is one artist’s visual response to the first year of the Trump presidency. In this body of work Steve Cup explores what he – and perhaps others – see as a rapidly deteriorating sense of community as the country reaches all-time levels of divisiveness. Spanning personal works, private commissions and commercial work, each piece represents an immediate, often emotional reaction to the violently changing social tide in America including themes of gun violence, migration, racism and Trump himself.

The exhibition, curated by John Farina and Adam Tully, marks the Maria Neil Art Project’s return to the art scene after closing their Waterloo gallery last year. “Some may see Steve’s work as divisive itself while others may embrace his bold statement,” says Farina. “Either way, no one will walk away from this exhibition not talking about where we are in the nation today.”

Opening Reception April 6th
Waterloo Arts
15605 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44110

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