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I’m just about to start on finalizing a sticker design for We Are California Grown. I have worked for them on and off for a while. The art director and owner is a great guy and gives me a lot of freedom to come up with cool ideas. For this one, he originally wanted a gnarly looking urchin but I had the idea of turning their logo into a tide pool scene and he dug the direction.

The image above is a shot of what I submitted to him to get my general ideas across. I like to put together pages that have a nice layout when I submit my early ideas. I also try to make the designs I like most stand out in some way, in this case increasing the size. It’s not always the one that’s chosen, but I feel like it gives them more of a fighting chance.

In this case, it worked, and the AD agreed that B was the way to go. He was a fan of the color scheme, or either B1 or A2 as well. With that info, I’ll start working up the final design. After that, there will be a round of edits and then the final design will be sent off to print.

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I have a sketch blog on my website that I update every Friday if you want more of a glimpse into my process and random meanderings.

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