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I was hired to do a logo, album cover, and tour poster for a band that was about to go on tour through the United States and Canada. One of the members is a buddy of mine and gave me a lot of leeway on what each item would need to be.

I decided to start with the band’s logo. Their name is Shark Jackson and they have a dance-rock vibe. With that info, I start to gather references. I like to look for things that I can use as the direct reference, for instance, I need to know what a shark looks like so I gather a bunch of cool images of sharks – not hard to find, as sharks are inherently cool). I also look for things that give off a vibe I want to capture. In this case, I got images of retro lettering, pinball machines, and record covers. I might not directly use any of this stuff for reference, but it starts to help my ideas take shape.

Once I gather all my reference material together (I usually spend around 45 minutes to an hour on this) I start to sketch out some possible ideas. For this project, I ended up sketching them out on newsprint with charcoal, but I might also do it in pencil, marker, or digitally, it just depends on what seems the most enjoyable at the time, or if the client has a specific preference.

After I have designed a few concepts I think might work I send them off to see which one would be best for a logo. Once one is chosen I start to work out color possibilities. Usually I send off a few color studies for approval, but in this case the job didn’t require it. Once I felt like I had a good one I just worked the final piece to a finish.

Once the logo was done I had a springboard to guide me into what the other pieces would look like. But I’ll save all that for another time.

You can check out Shark Jackson on SoundCloud.

If you want more of a glimpse into my process, take a look at my sketch blog or check out my gallery on Hire an Illustrator.

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