Arthurian Legends and Owls – Experimental Linocuts
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Now for something a bit different. I haven’t done any linocuts since I was at university which shockingly is now 8 years ago! Recently I got the urge to experiment with softcut lino (we didn’t have that back in my day). I’ve always wanted to do something inspired by the Arthurian legends, but never quite felt I had the right style for it, and I think the simple naive style of linocut suits them quite well. The two owls were inspired partly by the Athena coin in the British Museum, but mostly by the incessant hooting of the glut of owls we seem to have this year. I love them really.

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' I just wanted to send you a note and tell you how much I appreciate the work you did with Sheri. You made the entire experience absolutely perfect for her. As you know, this is her first time in the world of book writing/creating, and she was quite apprehensive at first.' 'As we have begun sharing the book with friends, we get so many comments about the beautiful artwork and color. You are truly gifted.'
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