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Here’s my newest illustration, entitled Night Gardens. This design is set on a warm summer’s evening, with a couple taking a stroll through some lush enchanted gardens, lit by the light of a giant full moon and fairy lights dotted in the trees. Around them is a magical scene featuring jazz-playing cats, flying fish, an owl with a musical box, and a beautiful fountain. It’s inspired by Brighton’s Pavilion Gardens and also features the fountain at the Old Steine and the sea too, but you don’t need to know Brighton to enjoy it. I created the design by producing a drawing and tracing it onto pieces of paper (coloured paper, paper from magazines and pieces of paper painted with acrylic paints, to give the design more texture), then cutting them out with a scalpel before arranging the pieces of the design and sticking it down.

It’s available as a print in my Etsy Shop.

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We really loved working with Vicky. We noticed her artwork immediatley when trying to decide on an artist, because unlike a lot of retro artwork out there hers had a very natural and playful feel to it. Vicky took our feedback on-board, stayed enthusiastic and delivered more than we were expecting. We couldn’t have asked for more and we’re very happy to have her artwork featured in our #TileArt gallery.
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