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I’m offering a limited edition giclee print of “Intrigue”. This is the first illustration of a Little Mermaid book I’m creating. It is a run limited to this 30 day campaign only and will never be offered again. I have a very lovely delicate hand embellished option too.

“Intrigue” features my littlest mermaid, who desperately wants the love of a human prince, so that she may share his immortal soul and live forever. Mermaids only live 300 years, then turn into sea foam at the end of their lives. Here, she is in the deep depths of the ocean. Her bioluminescent hair floats idly around her shoulders as she ponders what it is like to live up above with the fish that fly in the air. Do the humans also dance up above? Do they sing?

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"Ashly Lovett prepared illustrations of six varied characters for the cover of my book of short stories. Her drawings were in each instance perfectly reflective of the individual nature of the character based on the text and discussions between us. In addition, each drawing was simultaneously realistic and elegant, which is a distinctive aspect of her work, and the colored drawing of the central character beautifully rendered in chalk pastel. She is highly professional and responsive and I give her and her work the highest recommendation."
— John Berry, Self-Publisher