Make Better Art by Caring Less
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For a few years now, I’ve arrived at the thought that the best way to make art is to not be precious about it and I’ve put these thoughts down in a blog post and video. Here’s an excerpt:

“When I was younger, in art school and earlier, I’d often be paralyzed by the potential of things “going wrong” in a piece, which was an impediment to artistic growth. Had I adopted this Stoic-like philosophy of “is this the condition I so feared?” much earlier in my art-life, I’d likely be happier for it. Not to spend too much time on roads less traveled because on some level, I wasn’t ready to receive this life lesson, but within the last few years, I’ve become ready and that’s ok too, to borrow another bit of immortal wisdom, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”, and to a large extent that teacher was time and experience.”

You can see visit my blog to see the full post and video.

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