Pirate and Sea Creature Character Designs
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I recently finished my most recent personal project, which was to illustrate three characters from a given universe.
I picked a pirate and sea creatures theme and started working on it every time I had some free time. I came up with three supporting characters:
– the protagonist: Gilbert, a good hearted outlaw and his loyal dragon
-the secondary character: Commander Bertha, relentlessly chasing Gilbert (a “villain” who’s only trying to do what’s right)
-the antagonist: Ubura, evil creature and deadly Queen of the sea, she is the true villain of our story!

I had a lot of fun and learned tons creating these characters and imagining their story.

Lâle Favre
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My name is Lâle and I'm a freelance illustrator based in Berlin. My main focus is on fantasy illustration, character design, book and board games illustration.

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