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My latest project has been the opportunity to spearhead layout design and the creation of illustrations for Women@work’s second book written by Christina Van Houten, called Fashion@Work.

Fashion@Work is a career girl’s guide to creating a personal brand. It’s jam-packed with advice on what to do and avoid in building your best self – both on the inside and outside – in a way that will get you noticed (in a good way) and keep you comfortable in your own skin. It provides specific actions every woman can take to complement their great skills to ensure they capitalize on their hard work with all the key ingredients needed to be included and heard.

The ultimate goal of Fashion@Work is to help working women realize that nailing your personal brand opens up a world of opportunity that might otherwise elude you. Maximizing all of this is a big deal – it can uncover powers you didn’t know you had, turbo-charging everything else that’s great about you and helping others see it. We believe that figuring this out for yourself can be utterly life-changing.

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"It was such a pleasure working with you! Incredible work!"
— Jennifer Renari , Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research