Front Cover, Alice Comic #1
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Enough time has been spent on the “Alice And The Invaders From Wonderland” comic that it became time to put a cover on it.

Essentially it’s a summing up of “Alice and the Invaders From Wonderland” issue #1, a large part of which is set in the woods where our heroes go up against some vicious Bandersnaches. Alice’s action pose was something sketched several years ago, which author Bret M. Herholz dug out and suggested for a cover. I came up with the idea of adding the rest of the crew, although we had been talking about the covers of original ’70s Star Wars comics which did a similar thing. The A-Team-like gathering is a bit of a cliche, however framing from inside the creature’s mouth adds that extra touch. Moreover it’s the mouth of the dead creature whose corpse can be seen in the foreground. Technique-wise this is ink on paper, Photoshopped with colour.

On a side note, I always remember that bit in Jaws III where the camera is in the shark’s mouth, looking out. Perhaps it stuck.

The text, just like Alice’s action pose, is something created years ago and dug out. It was created when the comic was in its earliest throws and character design was minimal. It seems to work well on anything dark, so I shifted it up and added a dark splodge behind to make sure it stands out.

This comic recently sold well at Rock And Shock comic/horror convention, Massachusetts, USA! Thanks again to US-based author Bret.

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