Cover pages for Folktales Art House portfolio 2018
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I created the cover pages for Folktales Art House portfolio 2018. Folktales Art House is a place run by visual storytellers with many years of observing, questioning and contributing to the future of human heritages.

Folktales Art House use illustrations to interpret verbal communications and to empathise with many tales of great souls. They believe that every story carries dreams, wisdoms, knowledge, beauties and hopes – all the voices add up to different and unique minds and therefore deserve delicately constructed artworks to impress a selective audience.

Linh Nguyen
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I am the Art Director of Folktales Art House - an illustration-led design studio in Hanoi, Vietnam. I have 7 years of experience in illustration, animation and creative media.

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— Antonia Gallegos, The Nomadic Wolf Series