Super-Realistic Caricature of Game Shop Fellas
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I have loved drawing people’s faces since my childhood and was constantly trying to ‘catch’ their souls inside their eyes so they look as real as possible. I used to fail – a lot. I was drawing only on paper back then, however after encountering my first graphic tablet I fell in love with this open road of new things you can do in the digital world.

More and more of my clients are ordering their own digital portraits and caricatures. I emphasize their features to make them look funnier and more appealing, but try to keep the realistic details, from eyelashes to skin pores. Sometimes people think that it’s just a ‘Photoshopped’ photo until they look closer! These two guys are from a game shop in the USA and had this image made into a life-size print and put it in their shop to greet their clients. They loved the result and made a few other orders right after this. It makes me feel good to see how every piece of my work always looks better than the last one.

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I am a United Kingdom based illustrator, specializing mostly in digital painting in Photoshop, creating clean and realistic images for books, adverts, logos or funny caricatures fo… Show more.

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