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I’ve been in the graphic design and illustration industry for coming up 15 years now, in that time I have had a range or roles, in a range of companies, creating for an even wider range of audiences. In that time I have explored multiple different visual styles, often adapting and changing the visual approaching massively to suit the client, the message and the audience of the work.

As such I have found myself somewhat of a style nomad, an illustrator with no “house style”. Whilst this has benefitted me greatly in the past, as I’ve been really flexible and able to apply my skills to any number of projects with relative ease, I find myself wanting to plant my flag in the ground and say “this is me!”.

Since the break of 2019, I have been hitting the pencils hard and sketching daily (a practice I have recently let slip quite badly, and to my detriment!) in pursuit of finding, refining and defining my personal style. And today during an extra long sketch session at my local coffee shop, I feel I have started to discover this style – a sketchier, more organic look that feels a little more natural to me than my usual vector graphic style. I’m sure I’ll continue to adapt and evolve my style but I feel I have made a mini breakthrough in finding my visual voice.

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