A Crown For Thieves: New Fantasy Illustration
Posted 2 years ago and submitted by James Bousema | Share link: http://illo.cc/79434

“Upon the sight of a seemingly fallen giant’s crown, the barbarian couldn’t help but give in to his greedy desires.”

This is my first painting of 2019!
New year means new approaches towards one’s work. Here, I wanted to tackle multiple figures in one composition, since I have a tendency to have single figures as the focus of my paintings. This proved a welcome task in that it pushed me to create more of a narrative through the placement and poses of the figures.

I’m looking forward to becoming more ambitious with the amount of figures I can comfortably use in one painting. Bring forth your mightiest challenges, 2019, for my swords are sharpened and ready for battle!

James Bousema
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