Original RPG adventure fantasy illustrations
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I was hired by the upcoming publishing company Sinopa Publishing to produce a series of illustrations for their second original RPG adventure module, Tarot Adventures Book 2: Comet over Echo Rock. I got to illustrate several encounters as well as the final boss of the adventure, the Ogre Deckz. I also got commissioned to illustrate the book’s crowdfunding stretch goal, a pre-generated party written for those who preferred playing an existing character or simply didn’t have one. This adventure module is for the DnD 5th edition mechanics and suitable for players level 2 – 4.

For this project I wanted to use a completely digital approach to stay in the spirit of the art of the DnD handbooks.

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Alexia first agreed to do freelance work for Sinopa Publishing LLC in 2017. She has shown herself to be a remarkably professional person, pleasant to work with, and to be insightful in her questions. Her work is critically important to the projects she takes on, and I have complete faith in her capabilities.
— W. S. Quinton, Founder and Executive Officer Sinopa Publishing LLC