Spaceman and Bloater, Vol. 1 has arrived!
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“Spaceman and Bloater, Vol. 1, Beltuek Cavern and Other Stories” is now available in print and digital and I couldn’t be more excited to finally share this first volume with the world! The series follows Spaceman, an intergalactic courier, and his three-eyed companion, Bloater, as they make a living specializing in deliveries too dangerous or too strange for others to risk. Together they travel the stars in their ship, the Saritorian, delivering packages and adventuring throughout the cosmos!

This is a project that has been a long time coming and is in a way a culmination of everything I’ve learned so far as a comic artist and storyteller. Everything from scripting, to layouts, to lettering, to final art, and even things like logo design and book layout, had the utmost care put into them. You’ll likely be able to track some of that learning as this book includes a brand new 19 page story, but also features re-lettered versions of all four of the previous shorter Spaceman and Bloater comics which began back in 2012!

If you like action, adventure, otherworldly creatures, and exploration of the infinite vastness of the cosmos, delivered in a fun, colorful, and classic/retro type art style, I think you’ll enjoy this book. As one reviewer put it: “…it feels much like older newspaper comics in the vein of Flash Gordon (but with less melodrama). There’s a certain integrity to wearing the well-traveled adventure genre on your sleeve, without trying too hard to be overtly modern in its thrills, humor, or plot. It’s just a good-natured fun time!”

If your interest is piqued, you can purchase/download it here. The digital download is currently free and you can check out some preview pages on my website or right here on my HAI profile. If however, you’d like to purchase a print copy, you can do that as well. In any case, if you enjoy the comic, please share this around with your friends and followers and use the hashtags #SpacemanAndBloater and #BeltuekCavern. I still have many more stories to tell with these characters, and I’m already kicking around some ideas for future issues. I hope you’ll join me on the journey!

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