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Recently I have undertaken the challenge of illustrating a classic piece of literature, and I chose one of my childhood favorites from the Chronicles of Narnia- “The Horse and His Boy”. When I was 10, I had the first two chapters memorized because I had made a recording of myself reading the book (on cassette tape, of course) so that I could listen to it at night. If you love children’s literature as I do, or if you happen to have children, or you just enjoy good classics, I highly recommend the entire series.
So far I have captured two moments where the children are trying to escape from Tashbaan, the capital city of the Calormens. In my first image, Shasta is among the tombs of the great kings, hoping to find his friends waiting for him, but instead meeting with a… well, I’m not going to ruin the story for you! In the second image, we see Aravis escaping out of a party door in the palace after a harrowing experience.
I plan to do at least three more from various highlights in the book, so be on the watch for them!

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