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I have been lucky enough to get to hone in on my process for creating book cover illustrations over the last few years. I have really developed a love for the craft. I am always pushing to be able to create covers that command a visceral reaction from their audience. I want my audience to feel something, smell something, and hear something when they see the art.
It’s that connection that we crave and that connection that stops people in their tracks and compels them to pick up a book. At that point, it’s my authors who take over! But it’s interesting to me that before the authors even get a chance to communicate to their audience, they need us, the illustrators, to do the initial emotional compelling.
I am lucky to be able to explore the ins and outs of this bridge, and I invite you to come explore with me!

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Justin Donaldson is an artist who has achieved acclaim for his peaceful and epic fantasy landscapes. As a book cover illustrator he loves to create an emotional reaction for you an… Show more.

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