The Gates of Angband and the Thangorodrim
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I have been drawing and painting scenes and characters from The Silmarillion lore for some years. I always felt a deep devotion to Tolkien’s works and imagery. Seeing Donato Giancola’s artwork on Middle-earth has inspired me to make some paintings for myself, illustrating the amazing locations and characters of this unbelievable universe.

I was also deeply inspired by the works of Middle-earth artists like Alan Lee, John Howe and Paul Lasaine’s visual development for the Lord of The Rings Trilogy. It is a challenge and a treat trying to inject some of that visual awe into my work. I hope I can transport you into this world with these paintings and that you can feel what I felt while reading and designing these amazing places.

This particular painting depicts the Gates of Angband and the enormous Thangorodrim mountains. Angband was the ancient fortress of Morgoth, the great enemy of the people of Arda. It was located in the far north and was destroyed by the end of the First age in the War of the Wrath. The Thangorodrim were three gigantic active volcanoes created by Morgoth, who delved his fortress of Angband beneath them and used their fumes and ash to protect his armies from the light of the sun.

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