Black and White Tiger Portraits
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I created these original drawings before my “Dark animal portrait” collection. They form part of my realistic reversed, white graphite on black background drawing designs.
I was affected by ideas of freedom, humanity and its societal pressures and expectations. Again, my focus was to capture real animals, including realistic details without the use of colours to enhance and intensify the perception of these designs.

Limited digital editions of these drawings are available on Makers Place, along with a selection of drawings on canvas prints currently being exhibited together with the “Dark animal portraits” at Bread Bunker in Whistler, BC, Canada.

Digital white graphite on black watercolour background.

Veronika Fojtova
Little Bay, Australia

Veronika specializes in the complexities of our natural world, with the majority of her work comprising both animal & botanic illustrations. She often focuses on the use of bla… Show more.

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