Illustrations for a pop-up book
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Moo! Baa! Cluck! Ooh! It’s a 3D farm book I created illustrations from a few years ago. I thought I’d share an archived project that I enjoyed working on this week.

This illustration is one of my favourites from Rosie Rides to the Rescue, published by Armadillo. The book was fabulous fun to work on and quite challenging too. On each spread the artwork had to span three layers. The publisher provided a template for each layer as a guide, but I was then able to suggest where the peek-o-boo elements could be. There were areas I had to leave blank, but bleed into and other parts that had to be crammed with interesting detail. Truly tricky, but fantastic fun!

It has been hand-painted (spoiler alert: with actual brushes) with some digital enhancements (much like models on the front covers of glossy magazines).

This composite image shows the layering effect that turned each spread into a pop-up 3D image.

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