Oracle Deck Project – The Challenge of Colored Pencils
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I’m excited to share my work here on HAI as a new member and illustrator. Personal projects can be a blast and this Oracle Deck I’m currently working on is no exception! Colored pencil can be a very challenging medium to work with and it requires a lot of patience to layer the colors and values just right. I chose this medium to represent my nature and myth based deck because of the intense color and vibrancy, but also the reward for layering so many subtle shades you find in the natural world.

The range is thoroughly useful. My personal favorite brands so far have been a mix of Prismacolor, for it’s waxy smooth application, and the harder, and erasable, Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils. Learning to mix the brands has been a process, and I highly recommend using the harder Polychromos for initial layers and applying the waxier Prismacolor on top.

There are so many textures in nature that can also be replicated with the careful precision of a sharp colored pencil as well. As an artist who loves precision and fine detail, this is a must and I have not been disappointed!

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