Contemplative deer
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This is a personal piece that I made. I decided to make my own version of NC Wyeth’s contemplative Indians. His compositions and moods always strike me, and I tried to incorporate that feeling into this painting.

I’ve been playing with a long and vertical format again, I really like those as they put an emphasis on the character and are generally dynamic. Making all the lilies and trees is something that I really enjoy, it’s a very joyful process of getting lost in all the rhythms, colors and details.

Edward van Walsum
Groningen, Netherlands

Hi, I'm Edward, an Illustrator with a love for nature and animals. I enjoy creating rich landscapes with characteristic animals in them. I'm currently open for work

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"I came to Edward van Walsum with a request for some art that would be going on a custom disc. He was very professional in negotiating and we ended up striking a deal that I hope we both found equitable. He hit his deadlines and went beyond the original scope of the project from my understanding of the agreement. I am very thankful for his efforts.
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