Zombies, can you ever have enough of them?
Posted 4 weeks ago and submitted by Toby Willsmer | Share link: http://illo.cc/83166

I do love a good zombie!
This is how most of my work starts out before I colour it. Sometimes, just sometimes it stays like this and I embellish the odd part here and there. This is one of those times.
Originally this was for a fine art print but ended up being just for fun.


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Toby Willsmer
Wellington, New Zealand

Toby is an illustrator with a unique digitally painted style. With his work leaning heavily towards comics, book covers, fantasy and sci-fi genres. He works entirely in the painti… Show more.

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Toby took a hastily drawn concept sketch and with a few pertinent questions he was able to tease out all the detail he needed to complete Gerald the bear. After deciding on a palette I left him to his own devices and the result was an artful rendition of the concept replete with Toby's signature flair.
— Paul Webby,