An album cover revamp
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I used to write electronic music during the ’90s and made an album called ‘Creature from the lung’. The original fold out CD cover was a similar concept to this illustration but with more grey and a lot fewer teeth!
Fast forward 25 years and I wanted to redo it after losing the original artwork and bring it into the modern day for my cover series of fine art prints.

Toby Willsmer
Wellington, New Zealand

Toby is an illustrator with a unique digitally painted style. With his work leaning heavily towards comics, book covers, fantasy and sci-fi genres. He works entirely in the painti… Show more.

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Toby took a hastily drawn concept sketch and with a few pertinent questions he was able to tease out all the detail he needed to complete Gerald the bear. After deciding on a palette I left him to his own devices and the result was an artful rendition of the concept replete with Toby's signature flair.
— Paul Webby,