Bullockornis planei – Scientific illustration
Posted 2 months ago and submitted by Kevin Catalan | Share link: http://illo.cc/83944

This is a personal study and exploration of scientific illustration, specifically, paleontological illustration. I’ve always had a passion for prehistoric life ever since I was a little kid but for some reason when it came to drawing, I leaned towards fantasy art more. But I think it would be good practice to broaden my skill set and apply it to the academic world. Inspired by the art of the Kennis brothers, this large bird’s name literally means “demon-duck of doom” and lived in ancient Australia some 15 million years ago. I hope that the calm and naturalistic nature of the poses really make these creatures feel like animals rather than a monster roaring at the viewer as often depicted in paleo-art and would be something you could find in a high quality scientific publication.

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