The World of Monoken
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I am taking part this year in the Inktober challenge by creating digital illustrations for my personal project, The World of Monoken! My goal is to work on creature design and environment design while telling a story. My hope is to further progress into developing this story and sharing that progress along the way.

The World of Monoken is a personal project exploring the forces of light and dark. The light entity, Ahn, is the essence and creator of Monoken. He lies to rest in the center of the world as a large tree, overlooking the entire land. He summons many light children to be guards to the world and make sure balance is kept within the light. On the 300th year of the light festival, Ahn begins to wilt and the darkness starts to spread. Ahn’s shadow, Ko, begins to overtake Ahn’s land and succumbs it into darkness. The light spirits begin to turn into darkness and the light slowly disappears. In a last attempt of survival, Ahn summons his last child to restore the light and bring back Monoken to its glory.

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