Loaning Your Comic Book to Goofus can be Scary!
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Oh, that Goofus! He just doesn’t know how to take care of things-his own stuff or your stuff. It’s not out of meanness that he messes up sometimes- he just can be a little clueless. The art brief was to show Goofus and a friend at a Halloween party. Goofus is dressed as a magnifying glass (which was a challenge) and his friend is a Robot. Goofus is returning a borrowed comic book back to his friend, which is good, but his greasy pizza fingers have left messy marks all over the cover, which is bad. Thankfully, for Goofus he has good friends who will forgive him and will remain his friends. Next time that Goofus wants to borrow something they will remind him what happened, “the last time.” A lesson learned for both!

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Leslie is a talented artist, fast, flexible, and a good communicator. She has excelled at designing children's illustrations based on our input and rough concepts. We've been really happy with the quality of her work — and so have our supporters and customers! We love Leslie and expect to do more projects with her in the future.
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