Flying guinea pigs and cats with balloons
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You never know what a client is going to ask you to create. And that’s what makes being an illustrator so interesting and sometimes challenging!

BBC, ITV and Sooty

In fact, my creative CV (to coin a phrase) reads quite bizarrely. Before entering the interesting world of illustration I actually worked in television (BBC and ITV), creating models and props. I remember once having to create a rather large model train engine for the Sooty and Sweep Show, for Thames Television (now I am going back into the mists of time). My neighbours couldn’t believe it when a very large ITV lorry tried to trundle up, what was at the time, a bit of a dirt track to collect it!

I digress…

Before I go too far down memory lane this post is meant to be about the more odd and amusing commissions I’ve been happy to work on. Over the years I have created geeky-looking reindeers, flying mice, dancing cows and opera-loving mice. When it comes to humans, I have created character illustrations from different periods in history and pretty much The League of Nations! I have created editorial spreads on torture (yep, torture) and images of cute hedgehogs in dresses (what? I hear you say).

World on a postage stamp

Really the only aspect of my job that I have found totally bonkers over the years are the amount of requests I get to try and fit the entire world onto a postage stamp! “I’d like crowd scenes, but focus on the main characters, an entire cityscape too (but lots of detailing on window frames and patterned curtains, please).” They want lights, camera, action! YAY! WAIT…! STOP…! NO! I know illustrators can be very clever at times, but everyone remember less is often more when you want an impactful image or good narrative illustration.

Anyway, moving swiftly on (clears throat). Here are some of the results!

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I was looking for an artist to help me create my business logo and branding for my business. With so many artists to choose from I was thrilled when I found Lyn Stone on Hire an Illustrator. Her whimsical style, finesse, and talent set her far above the countless others. Being new to the experience of hiring an artist, it was reassuring that Lyn was so helpful and walked me through the entire process. After thoroughly gathering my ideas, she rendered a beautifully designed logo with branding and illustrations that I couldn’t be happier with. Her artwork is super fun, clever, and makes you smile! I love all her pieces she has displayed on her profile and I knew she would be able to make my vision come to life. I highly recommend Lyn Stone; she is a top-notch professional and a joy to work with!
— Nancy DeAlmeida, USA, Modern Guinea Pig