Gentle Touch Cover Art
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This is a horizontal book cover that I made in my spare time, to show and tell a story that’s very personal to me.

I chose a color palette that’s typical of the autumn, with warm oranges and greens contrasting with each other and making a very warm and cozy atmosphere. The kind of atmosphere where you’re looking out of the window with a warm cup of tea.

I love animals and my goal is always to give them a human story, something that we can relate to. This particular painting is about the burden one carries, burdens that don’t treat you too well. And every so often there can be a tender moment or person that keeps you going.

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Edward van Walsum
Groningen, Netherlands

Edward van Walsum is a dutch illustrator making fantasy art. His work features animals living in a human story. He combines rich landscapes together with humans and animals.

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"I came to Edward van Walsum with a request for some art that would be going on a custom disc. He was very professional in negotiating and we ended up striking a deal that I hope we both found equitable. He hit his deadlines and went beyond the original scope of the project from my understanding of the agreement. I am very thankful for his efforts.
— Matteo P.,