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In between working on a picture book with a long term client, I am making the time to work on my portfolio and develop my skills. I recently bought an iPad Pro, so I am venturing into the digital world and working on some of my own stories, including this elephant illustration nad Halloween illustration (perhaps a little late, but it was so much fun!).

I feel like I have relit the fire and I am literally buzzing to get on with my artwork every day. It reminds me how important it is to make the time to do some work for fun and also to set aside time to learn. This enthusiasm and learning can’t help but feed back into commissions from clients.

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We hired Sian as a contractor to illustrate our children's book. Our relationship could not have been more perfect. She was able to interpret the story and the illustrations showed that she knew the characters and brought them to life. Any modifications were made graciously and quickly. We could count on her and will use her again and again and again as we publish more books.
— Joyce Koff and Beverly Ellman, Cleverthinkers LA