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I have a new agent and am about to embark on the next phase of my illustration career. Book publishing has been a main focus for me, but now I’ve joined with Lemonade Illustration Agency to continue with picture-books and YA fiction and develop new areas in cover design, editorial and advertising markets. It’s an exciting step for me, over the last two years my style has begun to solidify and settle into a set of strong attributes that I feel now ready to diversify. As always memorable and emotive character design will be at the heart of my work. So here’s to a successful year and beyond!

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Stephen illustrates for both commercial and contemporary markets. During the past 6 years, he has been successful in generating over 35 published picture-books, working with many h… Show more.

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I hired Steve to illustrate a playful non-fiction picture book for Charlesbridge called Bugs Don’t Hug: Six-Legged Parents and Their Kids. I was drawn to his use of colour and texture, and the liveliness of his characters. Throughout the process of working on the book Steve’s attention to detail was highly evident. He followed our art direction to a “T”, happily making many minor tweaks that helped us ensure the visual accuracy of the insects throughout the book. I’d be thrilled to work with him again on more books (and I hope we do!).
— Sarah Richards Taylor, Charlesbridge Publishing