Shadow of Doubt
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This is a new personal work, created over a period of about a month (working sporadically, not full eight hour work days). That’s much longer than it usually takes me to finish a painting, but this one is much more detailed and contained some newer techniques/image components.

This painting stems partly from my personal faith and the realization that there will always be doubts and fears that require bravery to overcome. The ability to look your fears straight in the eye, while acknowledging them for what they are but not giving in to them – that’s a valuable, hard-earned thing.
Our heroine in the image is dealing with this scenario, and has chosen to look suspiciously at her fears, all the while holding on to the Good that surrounds her and reminds her of Truth and Love.

This image was created in Adobe Photoshop, with the help of ArtPose FE, my own photos, and some internet images as reference. I focused on rich colors, deep shadows, and adding more texture and color noise than I usually do. The image evolved as I painted it – certain elements like the wolf shadow and the red cardinal weren’t added until partway through the process.
I’ve been attempting to toe the line between realism and semi-abstract, pattern-heavy images. I’m not quite satisfied with where things are at yet, but this painting was definitely a learning experience!

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