Spread love, not the virus
Posted 2 years ago and submitted by Veronika Fojtova | Share link: http://illo.cc/86682

I wanted to contribute to our community by painting something related to the current situation, the COVID-19 pandemic.

This piece serves as a reminder to keep sharing love even and especially during this hard time. It should not be understood as a depression of social distancing measures (I understand that realistically these two people are not far away enough from each other. But unfortunately, if they were, it would not create the same effect). This painting is here to stress spreading love on maximum!

I hear a lot of people complaining, judging others and I hear too little words of support, help and love. Some of these people would probably see two humans being too close together instead of seeing the true and obvious message behind it. I hope that the majority will see the message I tried to convey. Let’s be a bit nicer to each other. After all, we are in this together and hate and bitterness will not help us to get through.

Veronika Fojtova
Little Bay, Australia

Veronika is the artist behind VeroFojt brand. She specializes in the complexities of our natural world, with the majority of her work comprising both animal & botanic illustrat… Show more.

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Veronika is very talented and is professional in her communication. From the very beginning she made me feel understood and was a genuine pleasure to work with. Her execution of the idea and project was better than I could have imagined ever myself! I can't recommend working with her strongly enough without it sounding over the top... but that's precisely how I feel about the finished work I received from her- over the top thrilled with the final work.
— Nate, Hyphenate