Hand-Printed Hand-Bound Children’s Book: Moondog
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Moondog is based on the true story of my dog, Rico.

I always believed that Rico was a very thoughtful and reflective dog. Perhaps most dog owners think their dogs have a deeper side, but I am certain that Rico had an active inner life, because it showed in his shifting moods. I could tell when he was thinking profound thoughts.

Most of the time Rico was just a normal dog, but sometimes he would just go quiet, and on these occasions we would just sit quietly together and think our deep thoughts, and allow them to take us to faraway places of memory.

This was never more apparent than those very early mornings when the full moon was setting on Monhegan, our remote island in the far north. We would sit on one of the headlands and just stare out at the North Atlantic as the moon sank towards the horizon. We would just let our minds go on their own errands, while we waited for the sun to peep over the opposite edge of the horizon.

By the time the sun was turning the spruce trees pink and gold we were almost asleep, so we’d dash down to the dock to greet the mail boat, before heading home, and going back to bed.

They were magical times, and my book, Moondog, is my attempt to record and share some of the most precious moments of both my own, and Rico’s life.

Sadly, Rico left us last year, and this book is also a kind of memorial to him, and all thoughtful dogs.

You can back the Kickstarter for the book here.

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British-born printmaker and illustrator, a member of the world-famous artist community of Monhegan Island, off the coast of Maine.

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