The 24 Hour Comic Challenge
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In October of 2019 I participated in my sixth 24 Hour Comic Day Challenge. The challenge every year is to create a complete 24 page comic book in one 24 hour period. So, on the first Saturday of last October I sharpened my pencil, hit my local comic shop, tucked my head down, and created a complete comic book in less than a day.

The story that came out of that day involved witches, time traveling space ships, talking dinosaurs, and flying monkeys. It was quite a ride. After recovering from that exhausting day I scanned the pages in, added grays, did a little lettering, and finally posted the completed story on my Instagram feed. You can catch it all there now.

I may cringe at some of those final pages as I hit the wee hours of the morning and the sun started coming up but, all in all, I’m proud of how much I did with what little time I had. Some people climb mountains. Some people run marathons. Me, I sit in a comic book shop for twenty four hours once a year and draw and create as fast as I can. There is nothing like a little challenge to keep you on your toes.

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