Korean Mythology Picture Book – A Style Test
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This is a project close to my heart. I’ve been living in Korea (on Jeju Island way in the south) for over five years now, working on local projects, illustrating for magazines and small businesses, and keeping sketchbooks for everything and anything.

For this picture book, in which the Moon Rabbit enlists the help of a girl to find twelve stars that fell to earth, I hope to show unique places, famous landscapes, and hidden treasures of Jeju Island. From deep and dark lava caves to volcanic crater islands, black sand beaches to old nutmeg forests, the two of them travel all around the island, encountering mythological creatures, finding what’s been lost – with a twist or two, of course!

After illustrating mostly for clients ever since I stopped working as a comic artist, this would be the first (or second, actually, if you count a zine made in 2018) completely personal publication in quite a while. I’ve got a publisher ready and hope to apply for funding for this small but heart-felt project about Jeju Island, which has become my home.

Evelyne Park
Jejusi, South Korea

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