No home for wicked strawberries, or an unexpected journey of digital fruit!
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Five years ago I was sitting in my family’s quiet bookshop, contemplating what to draw on my phone. There was a newly updated art app on my Samsung Note 2 that had lots of whistles and bells that I was dying to try out, called Artflow.
There was also a new feature that linked it to Penup, and on there, there was an art competition relating to food. Great, this would give me something to do and hopefully show off some skills. So I grabbed a book on food and got cracking on painting a picture of strawberries that had caught my eye. I also had another app that allowed me to record the phone screen, which gave me the chance to create a video of the process and post it on Youtube.

Altogether, there were about 4 hours of painting and a couple of hours of video editing. I was all ready to put in my creation with a video of its creation no less and… the deadline had expired – the very same day I’d started it in fact. Sigh!
So, wasted effort? Not really. No good art is never wasted. I learnt a bunch of new things and I got to share it with friends and family, and it helped bulk out my portfolio – not to mention it gave me the chance to make this news article about it. So, all in all, a good result after all.

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