Twitch streamer portraits for digital collectible cards
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Last year I was commissioned by Epics gg to do a series of realistic portraits of famous Twitch streamers.

I did seven in total, each one took me two weeks to complete, and they just released the cards to the public, so I can finally show these to the world.

The challenging part was to generate ideas for unique and appealing cards, because I felt like I didn’t want to focus just on getting the likeness right but also I wanted to each card to look really cool to collect even if you didn’t know the streamer themself, so I had to do a lot of research of what kind of games they did stream and what kind of people they were.

I’m very happy how these turned out.

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I would like to take the time to recognize Hector Mexia for his outstanding work on my project. I needed someone who could deliver a "clever" approach to a simple illustration. Our desire is to create a willingness in our clients to "want to know more" when they visually see a one-dimensional image. In my many years of experience in dealing with graphic artists and illustrators, Mr. Sanchez has amazed me as actually being a thinker who goes beyond expectations. I highly recommend him for his work!
— Scott Fore, Luke 926