3-Dimensional Illustration: Lisa’s Invention
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This piece is a 3D illustration – not created on a computer.

I built the puppet, the set, the tiny lamp, the robot, all out of things I had around my house. This project took a large amount of time as it is the first one that I have done, but I found the process extremely satisfying and loved every painstaking minute of it.

Lisa (the little inventor) was created with a wire frame that I then needle-felted a body over. I hand stitched her clothing and felted her feet. Her head is sculpted and carved. Her hair is needle-felted wool over its own armature so that I could shape it and bend it as I photographed.

I spent a day collecting discarded screws and metal scraps from a local machine shop where they were kind enough to let me rummage through their trash bins. The tiny drawing mannequin is hand carved from tiny dowels of wood. The little lamp in the background is made from brass rods and a jam lid.

This piece was entered into a contest this last month and was a winning piece! Which is thrilling, but the real win for me was completing the whole thing and learning just how far I can push my creativity. It really did push me to the limits!!

Thank you for checking it out! You can read more about my process here.

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